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Olya Danyoukova, Robbie Fraser and Mykhailo Khoroshykh, Slovyansk, Donetsk Oblast, June 2023. Image (c) David Pratt

Dulcimer Films is based in Scotland. We make films worldwide. 

The company was founded by producer-director-DOP Robbie Fraser in 2019. Robbie's a multi-award-winning filmmaker with many hours of television and five theatrically distributed feature films under his belt. His cinema films include FINAL ASCENT, about the legendary Scottish mountaineer Hamish MacInnes (2019, premiered Glasgow Film Festival, winner Bilbao Mountain Film Festival and Ulju Mountain Film Festival, South Korea), FAMILY GOLDMINE (2015, Glasgow Film Festival and CPH:DOX) and HAMISH (2016, Glasgow Film Festival / BBC ALBA) - the cult classic documentary portrait of the Scottish poet, WW2 soldier, bisexual, cultural anthropologist and 'animateur' Hamish Henderson, author of 'Freedom Come All Ye'.

Our biggest resource is our people: the talented network of editors, sound designers, composers, graphic artists, archive producers, insurance advisors, risk consultants and production people with whom we regularly work. 


Maybe most important, certainly among the dearest: the field producers and security advisors we have worked with in Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan.  

We love telling tales in difficult places - we have expertise in hostile environment filming (Robbie is three times HEFAT qualified, and current), and the right contacts to make it happen, with managed risk in line with editorial requirement. Have body armour and IFAKs, will travel.


We love using archive to bring out the echoes of the past in the present. 

We are open to advising or EP'ing on new filmmakers' work. Robbie was an executive producer on Lizzie Mackenzie and Naomi Spiro's multi-award-winning HERMIT OF TREIG (2022). (BAFTA Scotland, Banff Mountain Festival, DocNYC, Kendal, Glasgow Film Festival, among many others.) 

We don't only do hostile environment filming. We have some awesome non-conflict shows in development.

When we are in production we always try to accommodate trainees, at living wage - and to advance them where possible.

For international colleagues: we are open to co-production - Robbie is a graduate of Eurodoc, and we are always up for a chat. We have recently co-developed projects with France, Canada and Sweden. 

Speaking of which, get in touch!

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